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Normangee, my daughterís hunter

How we started

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I have been an avid horse lover since I was a child growing up in the New York City area.† My parents were supportive in that they let me take lessons and work at a barn to get more rides, but they would not buy me a horse.† After getting married and raising young children, I didnít have the time or money for horses.† But when my daughter turned 11 she became interested in horses and† I had the opportunity to go back to riding.†

Initially we both rode hunters.† But our trainer insisted that we also ride dressage.† In time my daughter grew up, got a life and moved away.† I took her very nice hunter to fourth level dressage (with LOTS of help from my trainer).† As he aged, I started shopping for my dressage horse.† When I couldnít find anything that I liked, I started thinking about breeding.† I had the mistaken belief that I could breed a horse cheaper than I could buy one!† Wow, was I mistaken.

Fortunately I love breeding and love raising babies, because it is a very expensive occupation.